CA.M.I. designs, manufactures and installs heat exchange systems aimed at reducing the temperature of the fumes to allow purification, aimed at energy recovery, or as often happens, combining the two needs.

The most used type of heat exchanger is the fumes / air; this type allows to subtract thermal potential from the fumes and transfer it to the air carrier fluid, thus obtaining a clean heat source that can be used for environmental heating, recovery in dryers, atomizers and processes that require heat in general, inserting it in series with heat generation systems existing.

On the basis of the characteristics of the fumes and the thermal characteristics that are to be obtained in the carrier fluid to be recovered, the choice of the type of exchange surface is made, which can be a tube bundle or plates, always taking into account any degree of “fouling” of the side fumes and applying automatic cleaning systems where necessary.

In cases where the characteristics of the energy source and the needs related to energy recovery require it, CA.M.I. also performs heat exchangers fumes / water, fumes / oil, etc.

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