CAMI Depurazioni srl is a solid reality that has its roots in the 70s in the industrial district of Fiorano Modenese, developing with its own Know How systems for environmental protection, ensuring its Italian and foreign customers compliance with the regulations in force regarding environment.

Dust, smoke, water treatment plant, pneumatic transport, centralized cleaning systems, heat recovery and soundproofing represent our technological DNA.

Cami installs its plants all over the world, customizing and developing purification systems that are increasingly technologically updated to meet the changing needs of the market, in particular in compliance with costs and product quality. Innovation and investments are the basis of cost containment and quality of the finished plant.

Cami produces with 3D laser cutting technology ensuring faster deliveries and ensuring high quality of the finished product.

Cami has developed its own technology and methodology to supply turnkey plants both in Italy and abroad, with the result of a single interlocutor and the guarantee of an excellent result. The team designs alongside the customer and then customizes with experience and dynamism in order to find the right technology and plant “target”.

Cami is a well-known and respected firm in production sectors such as: steel mills, foundries, castings, ceramics, cement factories, waste and incinerators, shipyards, food industries, workshops and manufacturing companies in general.

CAMI’s mission is to provide turnkey plants all over the world, fully integrated into the different types of production sectors in which it operates.
CAMI works using and integrating the latest generation process methodologies and components to offer systems of extreme quality and reliability. Within CAMI, in every department that goes from design to production and installation, research never stops, to offer ever higher standards.
We look satisfied at our past and at our results in over 35 years of work but we are always projected towards the future by studying new solutions for our increasingly efficient and competitive customers.

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