Cami has a well-structured technical department that relies on the use of cutting-edge design technologies to offer customers the best technical and cost-effective solutions for their plants. For many years now, we have been using 3D laser scanners for plant surveys, BIM design for hydraulic and pneumatic transportation systems, 3D configurators to design our machinery, fluid dynamics calculations and FEM structural calculations.

Guaranteed 24-hour after-sales support

A 24-hour customer service for proactive consultancy.

Turnkey plants

Designing turnkey plants has always been Cami’s core business. As of today, we have designed and installed more than 1,000 plants worldwide, ensuring smooth running of all activities, right up to monitoring the performance of plants, in a safe and timely manner.

Our own production cycle

All our design and production systems are interconnected and state of the art, ensuring efficiency, energy savings and high-quality final products.

Feasibility study

Sustainable custom-made plants. Our technicians are able to carry out audits and field measurements in order to develop the most suitable technical and cost-effective solution for each customer.

Customised projects

A customer-centric approach. Our systems are perfectly suited to the needs of a wide range of industries such as food, ceramic tiles, steel foundries, mining, glass, graphics, mechanical, recycling, renewable energy and petrochemical industries.

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