CA.M.I. designs projects, manufactures and installs purification plants for the  removal of  fume pollution  which is released from industrial
process kilns applied in the sectors of : raw materials, glass industry, ceramic industry, food industry, incinerators, wood, aluminium, cast iron, plastic, brick, sanitary industries and other sectors.

In many cases CA.M.I. combines the physical filtration of the particles with a chemical process of neutralizing injection.
Wherever possible, it is better to use dry technology plants which are supported by texture  filtering. In fact these filtering supports are chosen depending on the type of fume analysis.
These filters are effective for avoiding blocking, high temperature, chemical aggression and permit a high rate of efficiency of pollution reduction. 
The potential neutralization product that can be injected into the flow of smoke by a different system, is essential for neutralizing the flow from the polluting agents such as: acid substances, HF, SO2, ex.

The dosing of the neutralization product  is carried out by  a gravity system that allows the correct use of the neutralization product , avoiding wastage, economising on the purchase of the neutralizing product and guaranteeing  that the neutralizing product  reaches the correct points of contact.
CAMI equips its plant with silos of green neutralization product and recovery of powder discharge by means of pneumatic transport, which permit an automatic process not requiring the presence of human agents.

When it is not possible to use drying system, CA.M.I. also plans, designs and installs wet plants for fume purification.

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