Many years of experience in the design , research and manufacture of aspiration plants , has permitted the precision manufacture of plants with  high quality and high efficiency systems for high speed aspiration of the dust produced in various industrial sectors.
CAMI has supplied important applications of centralised vacuum systems in various sectors,such as:
Foundry industries, steel refineries, ceramic industries, food industries, cement industries, production of industrial detergents, plastic industrie, chemical industries and ship building.

Description of our common cleaning Vacuum system :

The aspiration pipe lines is manufactured by means of strong, thick tubing and is equipped with a predefined number of sockets with a clapet valve, these points are connected by means of rapid insertion like a bayonet, for allowing the ease of insertion of the accessories such: carriage sweepers ,cleaning spear.
The curves of the pipe lines are often built in resistant anti-abrasive materials with wide curving rays.
The exhaust air before being discharged into the atmosphere by means of a chimney is treated by a bag filter with a cleaning system of jet pulse air against flow.
The activation  of the electric cleaning valves is obtained by means of an PLC which controls the opening and closing of the valves regulated by the setting of a pre-determined  load  loss.
The body filter is manufactured in electro-welded  black carbon steel sheeting of suitable thickness which is equipped with circular structured re-enforced destined to contrast the high depression inside the filter.
The  collecting  lower  hopper of the filter materials is equipped with a safety capacity probe which has the function of managing the arrest of the plant , whenever there is a accidental build-up of materials due to the issue of -discharge valve. The discharge system is designed for dual purpose:

1) a perfect holding under high air depression.

2) a excellent resistance to abrasive elements.

In the middle of these valves there is a isolated chamber.
The aspiration group is represented by a multi-stage turbo aspiration centrifuge, able to produce a high depression into the system(usually in order of 3000 to 4000 mm of column water).
The turbo aspirator is essentially made up of two aspiration heads, in aspiration and in expulsion, by a certain numbers of intermediate stages ,assembled with each other by means of fixed system, each of which  is composed  of aluminium fan and diffuser.
This turbine can guarantee an level of sound inferior to 80dba. It is equipped with  a flanged silencer on the discharge.
Before the installation of  the  aspiration unit a safety filter cartridge is installed , in order to protect this turbine from any impurity or external materials.
Advantages of this installation :


As the cleanliness of the work environment increases the comfort of the operators during the hours of work is also increased.
This sort of plant is particularly appreciated by the inspectors of hygiene since they assure both requirements of hygiene inside the productive plant and a safe level of emissions into the atmosphere which is inferior to 10mg/Nm3 of aspirated air. These plants can operate continually 24h per day.


the central aspiratori s guaranteed to work at the less than 80 dba, therefore in the work environments no sound is heard and  it is also possible to clean up at any moment of the day.


Since the operator does not use any mobile vacuum aspiration system, he does not risk of re-introducing the aspirated dust into the same environment because with our system all the dust passes through a pulse-jet filter system unit, which can guarantee dust emissions inferior to 10 mg/Nm3.

Easy interface

With the auxiliary of a light and flexible tube with equipped with various accessory, which  functions with ease and speed, a perfect cleaning is obtained even in the points which are difficult to reach:
Machines, technology tower, tunnels and holes.


It is possibile to considerably reduce the time necessary for the cleaning process.