CAMI adopts laser cutting for the manufacture of its components, so that every part of its installations reaches the high standards of accuracy and precision that the company desires.

Laser cutting of materials is the most common and widespread application of power lasers.
During the cutting process the energy absorbed by the material in the zone where the laser band is focused (power density equivalent to 105 - 108 W/cm2) is transformed into heat. This heat causes a rapid increase of the temperature of the localized part, the fusion and/or the vaporization of the zone of interaction determine the formation of a hole. This hole may be either blind or passes through the material.
In the first case the removal of the material is obtained by means of an aspiration process of fumes and steams, whilst in the second case the material is expelled generally and in cooperation with the action of a process assistance gas.
If the hole passes through the material the shifting of the laser source with respect to the manufactured product, generates the separation of the pieces.

The laser source of our machine uses the principle of gas functioning at CO2 and a nominal power of 3000W and is supplied with no less than 6 work bases.
The precision cut is guaranteed by a system of dynamic regulation of the focal point and by a capacity sensor of the latest generation with a microprocessor marked in degrees, which have the capacity of tracing the imperfections of the sheet metal and maintaining it at a regular distance from the rest of the surface of the sheet.

  • Narrow and parallel cutting edges
  • Very restricted altered thermal zone
  • Ability to operate on highly complex profiles with greatly reduced curve rays
  • No mechanical distortion of the piece
  • Cutting ability independent of the hardness of the material
  • Possibility of cutting materials with covered surfaces
  • Easy integration of automatic systems
  • Ability of adjustment to rapid change of production needs