CAMI srl Depurazioni, a leading company, founded in the 1970s and situated in the industrial district of Fiorano Modenese, develops its own customized installations for environmental protection and assures both its Italian and overseas customers a system which is in line with environmental legislation currently in force.

De-dusting plants, fume filter, waste water treatment, pneumatic transport, cleaning vacuum systems, heating exchanges, recovery of energy and sound proofing systems are our technological DNA.

CAMI installs its plants throughout the world, customising and developing its purification systems which are constantly being brought up-to-date according the requirements of the international market, in particular with respect to cost effectiveness of the whole plant.

CAMI adopts cutting laser 3D technology and guarantees an ever increasing speed of delivery as well as the high quality of its final product.
CAMI has developed its own technology and methodology with a view to supplying installations worldwide with the logic of turnkey, furthermore our management handles every phase of the process guaranteeing an excellent finished plant. Our team works side by side in cooperation with our customers, giving them the advantage of our experience and our dynamic approach in order to seek and customise the right technology for the target plant.

CAMI represents a recognised and esteemed trade mark for the following manufacturing sectors: steel foundries, ceramic tiles, sanitary sector, cement industry, waste and incinerators, ship building, food, plastic and aluminium industries, workshop and manufacturing companies in general.

The CAMI's Mission is providing "turnkey" plants worldwide, our plants are integrated completely: in various typologies of production in which we operate.
CAMi is working and integrating its technologies and methodologies of process and the latest components in order to supply plants with high quality and high reliability . From the phase of research to production and assembly our resources are used for providing a high quality standard to our clients. CAMI is looking back to the past with satisfaction because of its success in over 35 years of activity but CAMI is projecting new developments through new studies and new solutions which are ever more efficient and competitive for their customers.



    Dear customers it is my pleasure to introduce our latest technological innovation in the area of ENERGY RECOVERY in the ceramic sector. We have a long experience in this sector, since 1970. The nature [..]
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